Home automation is the latest trend in home technology allowing us to sync multiple home systems including HVAC systems. Imagine being able to control your home’s systems from a central device. Home automation makes all these possible. At California Systems Inc., we offer a wide range of home automation services to ensure you enjoy the comfort and benefits of a modern and automated home.

With our home automation services, homeowners can easily monitor and control different systems remotely on their mobile devices, PCs, or a central control system including a thermostat. Our home automation system will help to bring down your heating and cooling bills.

At California Systems Inc., we pride ourselves with a team of trained technicians in the installation, maintenance, and repairing home automation system especially the HVAC systems. We are in the business making your home comfortable, and a safe place to live in and our home automation services will help enjoy that and unrivaled convenience.

Heating and cooling systems are associated with high-energy bills and therefore the need to save down on some crucial utilities. Our innovative home automation services will give you a perfect blend of comfort and energy cost reduction. With our services, you can save an average of 20% on your heating and cooling cost of energy. This is what we refer to as the heart of a smart modern home.

Our team can easily work with a versatile number of HVAC system helping homeowners to upgrade to the modern and convenient remote access control and energy cost saving intelligence. To enjoy all these benefits, all you need is to contact our team, which is available round the clock and seven days a week.

Our services will help you keep tabs and control different systems of your home from your office, or when enjoying a vacation on the beach. Some of the systems that you can control with our automation services include the thermostat, lighting, and other systems. We also offer customized services and add-on equipment to improve the comfort of your home.

If home automation sounds like something you would wish for your loved ones, our professional will walk you through the process. Contact us today and enjoy the beauty and convenience that comes with home automation.