At California Air Systems Inc., our professionals are ready to support you with unrivaled services. We offer fast and reliable clean are technology installation services. With hundreds of installation successfully completed every year, our installation experts have perfected installation planning and execution in a vast range of environments.

Indoor air quality is a general phrase used to describe different varieties of air quality problems that occur in buildings that include chemical exposure, toxins, particulates, or even biological materials. Although no one text can determine all potential factors in a single step, our team of experts will easily devise a testing regimen for your space to ensure that it is safe and comfortable to occupy.

Testing the indoor air quality entails more than using a meter to take measurements. The actual work entails interpreting the collected data and thoroughly inspecting your home to unearth the underlying problems and creating a concrete plan to solve it. Our experts are adequately trained and experienced building diagnostics, pressure testing as well as building systems. Armed with this knowledge and coupled with the time and information needed for inspection, you are certain of getting useful information.

When your commercial facility is scheduled for safety testing, or you simply want to ensure that it is free from health hazards, our services are tailored to test for commercial contaminants that include toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, mold spores, and other conditions such as relative humidity.

To inspect your home, our team will set up and take down specialized equipment in the space to be monitored after which you will receive a detailed report regarding the safety of the air quality. Although certain elements such as severe mold growth can be easily identified, spores and other airborne health hazards can only be detected through testing. This is why our experts will always compare the outdoor mold spore to the indoor quantities to determine whether it is within a safe range.

Moreover, our team will collect environmental data in all rooms while at the same time assessing your heating and air conditioning systems. Once a problem is identified, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that you are living and working in a safe area.