California Air Systems, Inc. equipment maintenance services go beyond your regular HVAC maintenance services. With our proactive approach to HVAC maintenance services, we help increase the life of your high priced equipment and ultimately averting malfunctions and the need for new HVAC system installation services.

With a vast understanding of the different equipment in the industry, we can easily customize each HVAC maintenance program to create a comfortable, healthy, and safe home while at the same time reducing the chances of equipment downtime. Our team is equipped with system specific knowledge ensuring that you get the best and proper maintenance at the needed time.

At California Air Systems, Inc., we acknowledge that all mechanical systems are interactive and interlinked. Each component is dependent on its design and must also take into account all operations of your facility as well as maintenance requirements. In appreciation of the vast designs in the industry, our experts are experienced in diverse maintenance plans.

Upon visiting your facility, our experts will:

  • Evaluate the design and condition of your HVAC system
  • Develop a detailed analysis of the complaints
  • Establish the impending problem in the unit
  • Repair or replace worn out parts
  • Recommend upgrades for improved efficiency
  • Maximize reliability and performance of the systems

If you are interested in HVAC maintenance services, but not sure of its condition, there is no need to worry! Our experts will provide you with a detailed review of your HVAC system including its condition, estimated useful life, repairs, as well as recommendation costs. We will also supply you with the cost of our services and maintenance before to help you make an informed decision before our team can get down to work.

At California Air Systems, Inc., we provide emergency, scheduled, and preventive care services for HVAC systems. Our team of experts can comfortably manage all HVAC system issues while at the same time ensuring that all repair and services are successfully completed promptly and with the highest quality standards. All top brands are supported, and our services are available round the clock within Bakersfield.

Our customers can enjoy:

  • emergency repair services with a record response time
  • replacement and upgrades for the existing HVAC systems
  • Maintenance services
  • Scheduled repair services